Monday, November 9, 2009

Motivational Quote by Chinese Proverb

"Palest Ink is Better than the Best Memory."

Motivational Quote by Chinese Proverb: "The secret to reaching your goals in 2003 may rest in the written word. Writing is a common theme through every stage of successful goal achievement. Got a goal? Write it down. The act of writing creates a promise, and having that visual promise in front of you every day won’t let you forget it. Got a problem remembering what goals you met last week? Start tracking them on a daily basis. No more guessing and fooling yourself. The only way to get a really accurate picture of your progress is to record what you’ve done when you do it. Got something to say or a breakthrough to announce? Write it in a journal. Journals can show you what works, what doesn’t, and the stories of your success can be great motivators in the future, right when you need it the most. From start to finish, you can help your memory and your goals by putting ink to paper. It can make up for fading memory to keep motivation from fading at all."

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