Friday, November 20, 2009

Made me a little sad

I hit my first wall. I was talking to a friend, on Facebook chat, who obviously thinks getting a Lapband is the easy way out. She told me she was supportive of what I was doing but she didn't think we should have this conversation. This was when I made the comment," the Whole family had jumped on the getting healthy bandwagon. "

I was really perplexed as she herself struggled with weight problems for years, and still has not reached her goal weight after loosing over a 100+ lbs. I thought She would really be behind me with this if anyone would be. But no, she can't do it. If I can't do it through a healthy eating plan, and exercise then she can't truly support what I am doing. Well what does she think I will be doing with my Lapband? Eating french fries and Chocolate Milkshakes? Crazy, Man!

I have close to 200lbs to lose to get to a healthy BMI. Give or take muscle weight, and rather or not I have a pannlectomy. She thinks even though I have struggled with my weight since my early teens that somehow I am going to all the sudden be able to do this through sheer will power? I do have will power, the will power that is going to help me through the Liquid Diet presurgery to shrink my liver, postop to heal my stomach. I am going to find the Will power to fight my temptations during those times. I am going to learn to eat healthy portions of healthy foods that my Lapband will allow me to eat to HELP me get healthy. As I take the weight off, I am going to walk as much as my heart will let me, and I am exercise as soon as I can.

I am sorry she doesn't understand that the Lapband is a Tool that is going to help me save my life. I guess I am going to come upon others who are going to think I am taking the easy way, but I am taking a WAY. I'm choosing to get healthy, and stay healthy for life.


  1. You are right sorry that your friend dose not see that this is going help you. Also on facebook I found two good site for lap band that I go tol

  2. So sorry your friend doesn't understand. I've just begun my journey -- in fact, haven't even made the final decision yet to do this, although I'm leaning in that direction -- so I haven't told too many people, but the people I have told are uber-supportive. I guess I'll run into what you are experiencing as I continue down this path. I loved your comment -- "but I am taking a WAY." You go girl!

  3. Nickelo, what sites did you find?

    Distracted, I have been pretty open about my decision the only people I haven't told about decision to get my Lapband are my Children's Fathers.

    I don't think I can deal with the doubt, or the abuse I would get from either one of them if I told them. I just want to see their Faces when I reach a Healthy Weight! Even if that is a Few years away.

    A great place to get information is I am there just about everyday. You can ask questions, read testimonials, blogs, see photos. Its very inspirational.