Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lapband Consult

Tomorrow I go for my consult with my Lapband Surgeon. I suppose I should make a list of questions to ask him. I don't have the usually choices in Doctors because of my insurance. If I am really uncomfortable with him, I can choose not to have the procedure done at all. That's about my only choice. I know nice, huh?

On his website, he has a lot of information about Gastric Bypass, and Not one word about Lapband. I am hoping this doesn't mean he is going to try to push a Gastric Bypass off on me. I am not having a my insides cut up, too many people I know have had really bad side effects from Gastric Bypass. I even know Someone who passed away from side effects from Gastric Bypass. This is not an option for me.

I have been researching Lapband, and this is my choice. I know it also has risks, but they are risks I can live with. There are nothing compared to Gastric Bypass. Lapband is a tool, not a magic option. I'm still going to have to do the work. I'm ready for that, I want to get healthy.
I wish it could happen tomorrow. But one step at a time.

I wanted to write more but My Mom wants me to walk the dog, of course, it has to be right this minute, too! Everything has to be in her time. She doesn't process anything done on the computer, its all a waste of time as far as she is concerned.

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  1. Good luck let us know how things went. I know what you mean I'm still having issues with my insurance they don't want to pay and they approved it. Yes ask lots of questions and don't let him push you into anything at all. I know what you mean my Nana is the same way everything right this min. Good luck