Friday, November 20, 2009

Boy was I ever wrong!

So, I talked to my Facebook Friend who had issues about my Lapband. I was so very wrong. It wasn't about it being an easy way out. She was concerned with the American Citizens paying for my Surgery since I'm Disabled. She wanted to know when the last time I had taxable income?

I have Medicaid for Insurance. I worked from the time I was 16, most of the time I had two jobs until I was 24 when I got first got sick. I have no shame about accepting Disability, I worked for mine. She had a lot of nerve to talk to me about taxable income. She has worked under the table plenty of times, I won't mention doing what, and she sure didn't pay taxes on that income.

I sure hope she never needs Disability, or Medicaid in her lifetime. I hope she never gets so sick she can't support herself, or begin to fathom to pay her medical bills. I hope she never has a child that is so sick she can't begin to pay for the healthcare that child needs, and she needs Social Security to help her. She thinks Daddy will always be able to bail her out but there are things beyond Daddy's reach.

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