Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally got my Appointment with the Surgeon!

The ball is rolling, finally. I go see the Lapband Surgeon next week, February 3rd. I got paperwork today telling me exactly what my insurance requires from me for approval.

  1. Letter of medical necessity from my primary care physican, must have current height, weight, BMI, and co-morbid condtions related to morbid obesity.
  2. Psychological Evalutaion and Clearance with a licensed psychologist.
  3. Diet History created by patient with past weight loss attempts.
  4. Surgeon's Consult.

As I began to write out my Diet History I could see how illnesses had affected my weight. I don't want to die young. Its really important to me that I get the band, and get healthy. I want to get away from all the health risks in my life, Heart disease, Diabetes, High Blood pressure. This has got to happen. Its a matter of life or death.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Diabetes and the Lapband Seminar

I am so psyched! I loved the Seminar, and I love Emory Bariatic Center. All my questions were answers. I was even able to ask if we were suggested to do a Pre-op Liquid Diet. ( Which we are to shrink our Fatty Livers down.)

I called to make my Step 2 appointment but they had not processed the paperwork from the Seminar yet. I like, let's get on with it People! But I'm trying to be patient. I have to do a Weight history, and a Diet History. I discovered my Weight has been steady since 2006. Really has not moved until this past fall when I gained 30 lbs. I'm thinking the Diabetes was the reason was the weight gain.

OH. I was Diagonsed with Diabetes two weeks ago. yeah, fun fun fun. But so far I'm controlling it with monitoring and diet. My blood glucose this morning was 99!!! Woot! Woot! I really want to kick this disease. I know when I get this fat off me I have a higher chance of staying off the meds but its just a chance. Diabetes doesn't discriminate. Thin people get Diabetes, too. I will want to get this under control.

Truth is I'm mad! I don't want to have to check my sugar 5 times a day for the rest of my life. Dang it, I didn't do enough and it got me. I have the Genetics, I knew it was coming, I was half ass trying to change my eating habits, losing a little bit of weight, and waiting to get a lapband. But I haven't been exercising. I was still eating a lot of sugar, and carbs. I was eating a ton of pasta. I cut back on the soda, fast food, fried foods, and it showed. I was losing weight. Where ever that 30 lbs came from that I gained this fall, I've took it and 10 more off. But, Not in time.

I feel like I'm in the grips of a giant clawwed Lobster that won't let go ever. I know the Lapband is going to help me get healthy but I really crushed about the Diabetes. My Dad died from complications from Diabetes. He didn't take care of himself. He ate what he wanted, and alter his insulin to what he ate. I know you can't do it. I saw the effects. The amputation, the blindness, the neuropathy. I'm not going to end my life like his. If nothing else he motivated me to do differently.

That's why I have to get my Lapband, and get this Fat off me. I'm ready now! I wanna get Healthy now!