Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally got my Appointment with the Surgeon!

The ball is rolling, finally. I go see the Lapband Surgeon next week, February 3rd. I got paperwork today telling me exactly what my insurance requires from me for approval.

  1. Letter of medical necessity from my primary care physican, must have current height, weight, BMI, and co-morbid condtions related to morbid obesity.
  2. Psychological Evalutaion and Clearance with a licensed psychologist.
  3. Diet History created by patient with past weight loss attempts.
  4. Surgeon's Consult.

As I began to write out my Diet History I could see how illnesses had affected my weight. I don't want to die young. Its really important to me that I get the band, and get healthy. I want to get away from all the health risks in my life, Heart disease, Diabetes, High Blood pressure. This has got to happen. Its a matter of life or death.