Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bringing Everyone Along! - LAP-BAND® Surgery and LAP-BAND® Discussion Forum

Bringing Everyone Along! - LAP-BAND® Surgery and LAP-BAND® Discussion Forum: "Ever Since I have found how amazing and wonderful LAP-BAND® can be in your life I have been trying to bring Everyone along with me. One of my Closest friends is going to go to the Informational Seminar with me, and get information for herself. At least she said was this morning, we will see its two months from now.

I talk to my Niece last night about getting a band, she recently lost 20lbs. bringing herself right under BMI of 35. She argued with me, though. She believes that since she was an Athlete for so long, her body is still more muscle mass than fat. She has been living an Sedentary lifestyle since she left College a year ago. I tried to tell her it only took a year for muscle to turn to fat, even gave her a link about it. She wouldn't hear it. She still wanted to argue that her 210lb body was made of more muscle than Fat. I hope she research the links I shared with her, She has been dealing with being overweight since she was about 12 and she is 21 now. I really think the Lapband could be an awesome tool for her But it's got to be her choice.

My Mom would be getting a Band with me but her BMI is only a 30.1. Too low in anyone's books. She is still going to be eating healthy with me, and we have already started walking.

My Daughter's BMI is much too low its a 27.3 To get a LAP-BAND® yet for a teen she tips right at the edge of Obese. I don't want this life for her. We went walking today, and at one point she took off running. I know that felt good. I want her to be able to run the whole way if she is so inclined.

We are getting a Wii Game System, and New TV for the Living Room for Christmas for the Whole Family! I want Wii Fit and the Balance Board. My 6 year old wants the Pixar Cars Driving Game with the Steering Wheel. lol. We want 'Santa' to bring us a lot this year.

I am hoping that My Daughter will use the Wii Fit as much as I do. Hopefully we can do it together. Even if we have to buy two balance boards. There are no Gyms in the small town I live in so this is going to have to work for us.

I am really excited to get healthy, and I hope it rubs off on the people around me.

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