Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bailed my Lapband Consult!

Early this morning I was on the computer and searched for my Lap band Surgeon's website to print out the patient information packet I needed to take to my appointment. The website had expired on the 14th on November. I sat there looking at the computer dazed. I was going to a Surgeon who had let his website expire??? This was my first Red Flag of the Day.

I decided to look up Dr. Hixon and see if there were any complaints filed against his medical license. There were no complaints yet he has 3+ malpractice suit he has paid. This was my Second Red Flag of the Day.

The only reason I went to the appointment was my Mom had an appointment at Emory University, and she wanted me to ride with her to Atlanta. I was so NOT going to go.

When we got to the Atlanta Medical Center, the area was run down, not well kept, not a hostipal I wanted to go to by choice. This was my Third Red Flag of the Day.

I walked into the Building, and was greeted by a Homeless Woman. Sitting with her Grocery Sacks, and empty coffee cup she was collecting change in. She was quite nice and I felt bad that I had nothing to give her.

The walls were poorly lit, the carpet were ragged and worn, the walls needs to be scrubbed and painted. When I got the Elevator, I said a Prayer because I truly was not sure we would survive the trip. When I arrived at my Floor, I got off looked for some direction to my Surgeon's office.
It was easily found, written in Permanent Black Maker on the wall. 440 to the Left.
This was my Fourth Red Flag of the Day.

Shaken and traumatized from the trip up. I arrive at the office . I arrived in the office. They said they were just calling me. I looked down. yes I missed a call. They were calling me to tell me Dr. Hixon couldn't see me today he could reschedule for after the holidays. uhhhhhhhhh......... no thanks I will get my own.


  1. WOW I don't blame you he sounds like shaddy doctor I would have ran out of that place soon as I saw what it was like on the inside. Don't give up keep looking I'm sure their are other docotors that you can go to even if you have to walk the yellow pages looking for them asking if they take you insurance as well sometimes insurance companies don't always have up to date lists. Don't give up. Find another one.

  2. My Mom picked me up and took me back with her to Emory, the best Hosptial systems in the part of the country. I called their referral line asked if they had a Bariartic Center, and My Seminar is January 14th!!! Woooooo hooooooo! I was so excited they took my insurance I just dance a jig! I will be blogging about this since Ive got some sleep now. Look for more details (wink). Thanks for the Reply!

  3. I would have felt exactly the same way you did! In fact, I have a consult scheduled with a clinic that I have since heard less than stellar things about, so will cancelling on Monday. I was so glad to read that you found another Bariatric Center to visit with. GOOD LUCK!

  4. Distracted, I hope my story helped you decided to choose a different center. Check out the Surgeons medical License before you go to the consult if you can in your state. Good luck!