Monday, November 9, 2009

Hospital Weekend

Friday night I was chatting on Lapband's Chatroom and I began having chest pain really bad. At first I wasn't going to go to the ER but friends in the chat urged me to go and check it out. I thought maybe my Potassium was low, and I would get a quick fix me up and come home. Boy, was I wrong!

I spent from Midnight Friday night until 6pm Sunday Evening In Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton. They did a mirade of tests.

On Saturday I was not able to drink or eat anything because I was having a Nucleur Stress Test. So 3:30am was about the last time I eat anything. They came to get me for my test at Noon, and I was sooooo hungry by then. But mostly I wanted my Berry flavored Propel.

Not being able to eat or drink made me think about doing the Lapband eating plan. Especially doing the liquids. I was able to get through the day for this test but all I could think about was Food Food Food. I wanted to go to a Seafood Buffet and get my fix. I know I will have a Lapband to help me but how will that keep me from not eating the wrong foods? not overeating?

When I had to lay on the Table for the Stress Test, I starting thinking about having to lay flat for the Lapband Surgery. It was really hard for me to lay flat on my back. It sent immediate pain up my back and down my legs. In the Stress Lab there were able to prop my legs up but I know in Surgery they wont do that. I sure hope Im knocked out.

My Test was Messed up on Saturday because my IV infilterated, so I was rescheduled for Sunday morning. So once again nothing to eat or drink after Midnight until the Test.

Sunday rolled around and by noon, I was getting cranky about having no food, and even one sip of water. I really wanted them to just come get me already. Finally around 1:30pm, They took me down for my test.

All my Tests came back negative. I have no blockages, no thickness to be alarmed about, I still have cardiomyopathy but my EF is up to a 55%. Which means I can start doing some walking. I am excited about that.

I had a good friend come visit me on Saturday and bring me some really pretty purple tulips. She stayed and kept me company for almost a hour. It was really nice of her to think of me.
My Mom and my Son came to see me around 8pm, Giovanni got up in the bed with me, and we watched Teen Titans on Cartoon Network. He really didn't want to go home, His Granny teased and told him, " She was going to leave him there." Giovanni shyly looked at me and asked," I really can't stay can I?" It just broke my heart to tell him No. He is Mommy's Baby.

It wasn't a wasted weekend at all because Now I have my Stress Test out of the way for my Lapband. I still don't know what caused the chest pain since all the tests were negative. But I'm going to follow up with my Cardiologist on the 25th of this Month. We will see what he thinks.

Hopefully by the time I see him I will be down a few more lbs. I want him to know I am serious about getting healthy. I talked to a lot of people at the Hospital about the Lapband surgery. Everyone had good things to say about it. Almost Everyone knew Someone who had done it, or ws planning to do it. This really enforced my decision. Time to get Healthy!


  1. I spent a similar week in the local hospital not too long ago! I went in for chest pains, had oodles of tests that came back negative. Great that my heart is healthy, but confused about what caused it in the first place!

  2. I am at the same place, Distracted. I have discussed it with my PCP, she seems to think it could very well be G.I. pain, or even just stress. I have an appointment with a G.I. Specialist December 3rd. I am going to journal every time I have chest pain from now on to try and figure it out. My PCP said it could of also just been soreness from coughing so much because I had the beginning of bronchitis. But I've been that kind of sore, this is deeper, and moved differntly.

    Let me know what you discover about your chest pain.