Friday, December 11, 2009

Good News!

Its so nice to get Good News once in a while! I do not have Gall Stones. My Gall Bladder is actually just fine. I'm was not surprised to hear this, as I posted about in early. I had a feeling my Doctor had just pegged me to be Fat, Fair and Forty. ( common factors for Gall Bladder Disease.)

I am happy about this news, but it didn't explain what it causing my stomach pain/problems. I have a follow up appointment with Dr. on Friday.

On other fronts, I told my Cousin I am having LapBand Surgery. She told me," there was Mixed Reviews about Lapband, to be careful." When that didn't appall me, she felt the need to inform me about a Customer of the Shop she works for that had the Lapband done. Apparently, the Woman's "Lapband" became infected, and had to be removed after just weeks after her having it placed. When I asked, What became infected? The port? the Actually Band? My Cousin couldn't tell me.

I took this bit of information with a grain of salt. I know that like anything, things can go wrong with Lapband. Especially when you had the Human Factor in. People who don't follow Doctors order after surgery. Starting lifting too soon. Bending over too soon. Exercising too soon. Etc. Etc. Maybe none of that happen. Maybe it was just a fluke. But I'm not going to let one person's bad experience with a Life changing, Life Saving Tool stop me for Saving my life.

I hope if any of you come across Bad experiences you can keep this in mind. Its your Life your saving. Things do happen, not often but they do. Simply because the Human Factor is involved. Don't stop it from Saving your life.


  1. Thank goodness about the gall stones!!! What a nice christmas gift!!

    The reaction you got from your cousin is the same reaction I was afraid to get and that is why I never told anyone. The only people I told were my mom, dad, and husband.The only other person who knows is someone I use to work with years ago that stumbled across by blog.

    Maybe I will tell people someday but not until I've reached my goal.

  2. Lady Lapband, I have shared my news with quite a few people now. I get support the majority of the time. But now and again I get the naysayer. The person who feels the must tell me about the person they know who died from complications of Lapband. Yeah, well, I've had 2 cardic caths, and 2 ICDS placements and the risks from Dying from those are about the same. So I'm not even worried about it. I know the risks, and to save my life I will TAKE IT!!!