Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fatty Liver

I got a call from my Cardiologist's Nurse yesterday. She told me I needed to see my G.I. Specialist about my Fatty Liver. HUH??? I was not told about this. Apparently when they did the Catscan for Blood clots a few weeks ago they discovered I have a Fatty liver. My Dr. wants me to see a G.I. Specialist about it. I just happen to being seeing you for my Gall bladder issues.

What Alarms me is when I had the Cat Scan done I was not seeing the G.I. Doctor. The only reason they told me about my Fatty Liver is because my G.I. Specialist ask for a Clearance for a procedure he is considering doing. When she called me to tell me Dr. Khawaja was going to give me the clearance she tells me, "he wants you to see him about your Fatty Liver, too." WTF?

I'm not happy about them handling my healthcare like this at all. Dr. Khawaja comes highly recommended. But sadly I am discovering his office is not managed very well at all.

I know I am going to have to do a Liquid Diet to get my Liver back down to size for the Lapband surgery. Several people have suggested Optifast for this purpose. There is a product called Cambridge that is a similiar Liquid Supplement. Just much more affordable. I think I am going to use Cambridge. Optifast is 480 calories, 42 grams of protein for the day. Cambridge is 420 calories, 54 grams of protein for the day. They both provide your balanced nutrition for the day but looking at it, Cambridge just has a little better nutritional values.


  1. i had the same experience with my dr. very nice man but the office staff isn't very bright! sry you have had a rough experience so far! just remember it is so worth it in the end!! every crazy person you have to talk to now will be just a distant memory soon!

  2. most of us that are over weight have fatty liver that is why we sometimes get put on pre opt diet then liquids for while to shrink it

  3. I have spoken to many Banders who said they had Fatty Livers before Surgery. Researching it on WebMd, a Liquid Diet is not recommended because you lose too fast and its damaging to the liver. I'm going to talk to the G.I. Specialist about it.

    Don't bad office management drive you nuts Hope? I hope they get it together. I really like Dr. Khawaja, but I can't let them handle my care haphazardly.

    Thanks for the Comments Hope and Nickelo!